Here’s the Reality

Finishing another book from one , maybe my only, real true American hero, I find myself pondering how effectual anything any of you do really is? Their Great Machine is pounding away so hard at your door and all of you don’t hear it because you are hypnotized by your televisions. None of you are aware of the great scheme and all of the parts in it that had to come together to make this wickedly tragic world you all exist in. We are at the tail end of it all, this is the after-thought of a seemingly endless list of players that created your futures before you even had ones. 

A giant mechanism of absolute and total control of all of you and everything you do. No it isn’t God I am talking about. I will get to that in a bit, what I am talking about is playing a God to you by using and manipulating your lives for their profit. That’s what they do, but no one wants to see it. Maybe if they give this information out during Monday Night Football, right there at halftime. The announcement might play something like this: There is an elite ruling class that keeps you all docile and complacent through numerous tactics and they have been doing it to you and those who made you and those who made them. At last, yes, Your America has devolved into a country grossly reminiscent of some New Age Nazi Germany that really has the power to take it all or take it all down with them this time. There is nothing you can do. You are powerless to stop it. They enforce their variable sets of rules upon you through corruptive means and ruthless thugs with little badges and an armory that is way bigger than yours. They have all of you enslaved to their monetary institutions, which give you all just enough to get by why a small sinister group of devious scum suck your life blood to make themselves fatter than ever on their own greed. They have grown so fat they they are all about to explode and when that happens believe me, THEY WILL NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HELPING YOU. Now back to the game, right after these commercials which brainwash you into consuming more and more while simultaneously dumbing you down to the level of the dumb beasts that you are.

Oh was that a bit too far at the end? Such hostile words, so revolting to hear something that isn’t what someone wants you to hear isn’t it? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to get mad, so mad, already waving that proverbial fist in your angry mind? Are you thinking, “fuck this little punk, who does he think he is, fucking little smart ass wannabe know-it-all little jerk, who does he think he is to point out the obvious in such a overtly rude manner, what a little asshole,” that what you are thinking? “Comparing this nation of ours to Nazi Germany, so treasonous, and calling us all dumb beasts, I wish someone would wake this idiot up and kick his ass,” that what sort of hate is crossing your mind toward me now? Good then, good for you. Now click on something else this is not for you.

If you are still here then you are aware or are becoming or are wanting to become aware of what is really going on around all of you now. Yes there is a God, there is a Great Infinite Source of Divine Love and Intelligence that all of you are part of. Apparently that is all any of you really have to help you through this time. Now do not take the way I said that wrong. All you really need is God, and soon everyone will either be reassured or unassured of God’s true Will. But here, right here and now, they have you all pinned down. Are you going to stay pinned down waiting for Salvation to come from somewhere else? Your own Salvation, your own will to free yourself from the tyrannical grip of these dictators that elect themselves as your leaders, is in you. They have guns, what do you have?

Together you have an outnumbering, and that, along with the belief in yourself that The power in the Divine Love of Source is in all of you, is the stronger army. You are stronger, yet you let them trick you into being weaker, smaller, just another number. Now how does that make you feel? Makes what I said not sound so bad, I am just running my mouth, they are actually fucking with all of you and controlling your lives. Is that okay with you?

It isn’t okay with me and even if I have to represent the last fading gasp of free expression before I get squashed out too, so be it. There was once a time when it was great to be an American. What a scam, what a big joke on each and every one of you. What do any of you really have, what is really yours in this world, does it matter what you have or they have, what matters? It matters to give it all to them, let them have it, let them have this mess they made. They can clean it up, I am out, off that grid and onto another. Before I go though I am giving you all One More Great Gulp from this Great Cup. There is a drop left and you do not want to miss it. 

No it is not an end, just a change, a great change. Think about it, where can this train keep going, it went off the tracks long ago, where can it possibly keep going? Will you all just get new lines of credit, maybe they will give you all a car, maybe they unleash unspeakable wrath on all of you under a disguise of foreign terrorism, who knows any more? This monster once unleashed, went way out of control when it tried to rule it all. Just isn’t in the true intentions in the Divine Plan of Source, or maybe it is. In fact, one might say it has to be, but their game is up, even though most of you still don’t know it, but I know some of you do, and there is some little spark of hope left for the massacred integrity of this nation. 

Get yourselves together, get together, be happy and stop being mad. There is no time to be angry, your moments are precious, they are coming and going so fast now. 66 days and some change. How soon will that be here? It will feel like a blink by the time it does so maybe you need to wise up to the gravity of all of the change around. Schumann resonance, zero point, weakened magnetic field, polar shift, alignment with Our Galactic Center, ancient aliens, illuminati, secret agendas, there is so much information, there is so much that they have kept from you. I can only help so much before you have to get off your asses, turn off the television, and help you help yourself. We leak this info to you through the social media but it is up to you to find out for yourself what is real and what is not. Your views are your own, mine are mine, nothing you do means nothing to me and nothing I do means anything to you, it is all in how YOU perceive things. Make your reality your own and don’t worry about mine or anyone else’s. The leak has become the flood. Be aware. Love to all.




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