Less than 70 Days Left for You

That’s right all of you, 69 days and change to go. Excited? Nervous? Anxious? Anything? All of those? Think about how immense and gravitating it is to know that all of this will be so different in such a short time from now. What are you all going to do? Where can you go? You cannot hide, you cannot be anywhere where you won’t be affected by this change. Some of you still think it’s an end and in a way it is.

It is the end of the Age of Pisces for one, and what happens when an Age ends? I can’t tell you, no one can for sure, none of you were here, or better yet none of you can remember that you were here because you know you have all been here before, several times, already covered that. So what more is there for me to do for you, what more can I say? I’ve told you all to wake up a thousand times, what will saying it a thousand more do? 

The time to start planning where you want to be when this change happens is definitely now. The irony is you can’t really plan in the sense of the word plan. You have to be ready inside. You have to be getting back to your own Oneness, becoming One with your soul consciousness. That ego is still there I know, I’m aware. Keep denying it, letting it go, more and more, every day. Soon you will be all soul, all Divinity, One with Source, in the Unconditional Love of Our Great Mother/Father Creator God. Feel your vibration rise and welcome it like your oldest dearest friend.

Do you not look forward to this change? What are you worried about? Your soul, the depth of that Infinite Love inside you, what troubles you? Let it all go, it is time to let it all go. The mediocrity of duality consciousness has worn it’s course for those of us who are incarnated here again, finally for the last time to witness our ascension back to a higher vibration in the 5th dimension. And the timing is perfect, the state of this reality, all of it, so ready for something you haven’t been ready to anticipate for eons.

Be living from that Love inside you. If you aren’t awake by now, good luck. Your time is your own, don’t confuse yourself and associate your reality with mine. Some of us are going one way, some of us another, not all of us are on the same journey. We all may start on a road that looks alike, but many of you are not following the path I’m on. But that’s my journey, worry about yourself, your own trip. Get yourself right for you to ascend. It’s is a feeling, a switch turned on that was turned off long ago. Live in that relit Light of Divine Love. That is what will save you in a few months. That is where your salvation in this change will arise from, the Infinite Love inside you. Believe it. This is very real, the realest moment ever. Love to all.



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