Be conscious

4 days until the change of seasons. Will this be a final season for some? Maybe, maybe not. Are you aware, conscious, attuned to your Higher Self? I hope so, for your sake, not mine, worry about you.

The changes going on are going to become more frequent now. You see how all of that supposed conflict in the Middle East is spiraling downward? They want war, they want that conflict, and they want you all to hate terrorists. Who is the real terrorist?

We make a big deal when Anericans are killed. Always a news story when there are any fatalities or incidents on the American side, always an issue to feed into the mass melodrama. What about the millions killed by American guns and bombs? America loses 10, so they eliminate thousands in retaliation.

But you don’t hear about all that, they don’t want you to see the pictures and footage of a decimated village in some third world country. Don’t show them the scattered body parts of children from some unintentionally bombed out hut, oh no, don’t let the public see that. Control over the media, dictating the information you are privy to, murder at the level of genocide and passing the buck to you. So again, who are the real terrorists?

Am I treasonous, am I unpatriotic? Oh you hate to hear the truth, don’t want to think that you stay ignorant while you are told what to think and what to believe do you? Wake up. Turn off your damn television already. Stop letting them brainwash you and hypnotize you. I told you they were going to fight hard and try to keep that power over all of you. Detach from it, detach from them.

Stop being a slave to those still trying to trick you. I’ve explained what they are doing, do you like being manipulated? Let that life go. Don’t be upset with yourself, don’t even be mad at them. Just let go and wake up. Yes it’s that easy. You will feel it when you awaken to the living truth. You just get it.

3 months to go. So many changes coming. Be ready. Prepare yourself. Yes you all have a spiritual choice, all of you. Everyone is in this, everyone together. You are either awake or awakening, returning to your Higher Self and the Infinite and Divine Love of Source or you aren’t. If you aren’t then you live in fear, enslaved to your ego. You have lost yourself and are consumed in the triviality of this slow 3rd dimensional vibration. Maybe in another incarnation there will be hope for you.

For those of us who are walking on this path of Light and Unconditional Love, just keep being and doing what you do. Meditate. Be kind. Be altruistic. There is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. The Divine Love of Source is all you need. Everything is inside of you. You are remembering yourself. They wanted you all to forget, to remain complacent. Their time is over. This time of time is almost over.

Many will not go, many cannot even conceive of what their true nature is. Forget them. They are lost. They are on their journey, leave them to it. Focus on you. Accept yourself and love every part of your being. You are One with Source. You are Divine. Believe what you want, listen or don’t. No matter what happens in 3 months or doesn’t happen, it is time for everyone to return to Love. Lose the illusion of your ego consciousness and embrace the Unconditional Love in your soul consciousness.

Smile. Make today a great day. The answers are all inside of you. There isno need to look outside yourself, no need to rely on others. Believe on you, believe in the power that is in you. This is the most important incarnation you have lived through to this point. Things ate going to happen that are unprecedented in any lifetime you have lived in. Trust in Source. Love to all.



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