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What a great day to wake up, do what you do, great day to love someone. The other day I was thinking to myself that some of you may feel that I am giving off an air of separateness from you, since I address everyone as you rather than we or us. Let me explain. I have had my awakening, my quickening, my great moment of awareness and consciousness expansion, and I am continuing to grow into all that entails. What have you done? Where are you? Many of you are on the path, many of you are awake or waking up, and this makes my heart shine with happiness. Many of you are not though, and although yes, we are all indeed One, I am here to help those who need to help themselves. Therefore, my directionality points toward bringing those who are still struggling in 3d density to come up to this higher vibration, this higher level. Thus, you are actually separate from us. Understand? 

Do not blame me for your separateness, it all happened when we all fell, to all of us, down into this low, low dimension. Do you realize that if you went any lower, you would exist as a rock, or a tree, or a pile of shit, or a grain of sand? All the way down to 3rd dimensional density. Remember now this is part of the Divine Plan. Your under-creator, under the Grand Creator, chose to question, chose to question the Divine Intent. A simple questioning, a simple why this if this, and all of you, all of us, stuck for what feels like an eternity, reincarnating over and over again in this duality consciousness paradigm. 

The split was quite literal. Your souls all split into Divine Masculine and Feminine, into Twin Flames. You developed ego consciousness to counteract your soul consciousness, your duality. So since the fall, you have all been bumping somewhat aimlessly around, lifetime after lifetime, usually unknowingly seeking your soul’s counterpoint. You see, Divine Love is the great attractor, the great magnet. Your purpose after the fall has been to gather knowledge of this dimension, all knowledge in all forms, while simultaneously subconsciously seeking to reunite with your twin flame.

The purpose for this gathering of knowledge is to aid Source. You are here as a part of Source, to give and receive knowledge and love unconditionally with Source. You are all so small, yet so boundless, so infinite. You have forgotten so much. There is a spiritual amnesia with every incarnation, which is why you do not remember your true past or your true identity. When you dream, or when you meditate in certain ways, you unlock those doors to your past lives and your true Being. You awaken you see, or re-awake rather, to your Higher Self, your Divine Self. Now you are all in a very rare time in this existence.

The experiences soon to unfold will be so amazing, so profound. The Age of Pisces draws to a close, in less than 4 months. Yes, the end of a tremendous era is coming to an end, and those of you that do not die before December 21st get to be witness as we ascend into the Age of Aquarius. I have already told you about what the information says about the Ascension. Many of you are coming, many of you are not. Many of you are awake or are waking back up, many of you still are helpless, lost in the fear driven hopelessness of your dominant ego. Those of you on the path, stick to it. It is no choice to believe really when you have become awakened, you just feel what you know is true. Your ego tries to convince you otherwise as it fights to maintain control, but you all know your ego is losing, is dying. Those of you that do not know, that do not know about your ego or your soul or the true nature of your being. Those that just consume and consume and are too lazy to believe in anything, much less themselves, you have your own kind of awakening coming.

Those driven by material wealth, by possession, by money, by greed, by profit, by manipulation, by deception, by power, your awakening will be to the eventual ending of this 3rd dimensional existence on Earth. As the awakened among you ascend to the Divine Light of the 5th dimension, the others will find themselves still here on this plane, stuck here in their own manifestation of a hellish version of a conflicting world. They will fight over the leftover scraps of their own misguided failure, lost to themselves and the way back to Divinity. They are not ready to re-awaken, they are not ready to return to Unconditional Love, just the Divine Plan. I love all, all of you, everything and everyone, but many of you cannot truly love yourselves, and that is why you will not ascend. 

You still worry about money, your bills, what kind of car you have, what brands of clothes you wear? Wake up. You still have time. I am trying to bring as many of you with me as I can. Do you want to stay here? Do you enjoy living from ego and fear and hate? Think about what all of this has come to, this existence in duality. Yes, accept it was all a Great Experiment. Yes, it all seems somewhat selfish of what you perceive as justness in our Source, our Creator. Yet when you really contemplate the Infinite Grandness of Source, are you, any of you, honestly capable of understanding or grasping the genuine nature of the Divine Intent of Source? You are all just a part, a fragment, a holographic reflection of Source. Yes, you are all Divine Beings of Light, but Source is greater. Source exists on a much higher dimension, a much greater vibration. You are all just part of Source, but all together, we are all One. All of you, us, are here as assistive representatives of Source, serving the Divine Will of Source through Unconditional Love.

So now here you all are, on the precipice of this dawning of a great New Age. How does it feel to you? Do you still let yourself go into your feelings, becoming those feelings, or have you moved toward an observer stance more? Do you feel angry still or do you notice that there is an angry emotion present in you, yet it doesn’t make you react? Reactivity versus responsiveness, that is something Ram Dass can further help you with. As you awaken, you learn to not let yourself become more observant, rather than participant, to your emotional state. You allow yourself to give in to the positivity of kindness and joy and love, while at the same time, letting go of a seemingly innate need to critical or judgmental. Instead of allowing yourself to become contemptuous, you notice that there is a contemptuousness, yet you do not act upon it, you just notice as it comes and goes. 

All of these notions are very well illustrated by Ram Dass and although I could go on many, many tangents, I would rather you discover some of his knowledge for yourselves. I cannot take his words and rearrange them for you, you must just go to him and learn for yourself. I am no thief of knowledge or claim to be anyone of higher intelligence, just the messenger, remember? I give you the foundation for you to build your awakening on, but you yourself are the ultimate decider of what or who you believe. All of this existing in each and every one of you is the greatest part. You all already know this, you know everything, but you aren;t aware that you know and I am just helping you remember.

Ever notice that when you learn, you aren’t necessarily learning, but rather you notice that you feel more like you are re-learning? When you first learned math, how to add and subtract and divide and multiply, were you not aware that when you figured all that out, it is like you already knew? You did know, you do know, you have always known, you’ve just forgotten. All of the secrets of the universe, the answer to any question, lies in you. You are a Divine Temple of Infinite Knowledge, you are One with Source, remember? You have lost the conception of being so much greater than you appear here. Think about all that you know, really think about it. Do you ever feel like you have really learned or has it all just been a great re-learning? Now you are thinking, aren’t you? 

Wow so here you all are, here we all are, and now I hope you are becoming very aware of the current situation. The people in charge, the ones who you let control you, yes you, are losing that control. You were born into it for the most part, yet you cannot blame. Do not blame, never blame, not even yourself. Accepting responsibility and blame are not congruent. Do not get confused. You have all been unknowingly and somewhat unwillingly thrown into this existence. You may or may not have had a choice, you will not be able to remember because of the amnesia. Nonetheless, here you are, and here we are with less than 4 months. Less than 4 months, and at this rate of time, it will be here so very soon. Are you all ready, are you getting ready, do you even know how or what to be ready for? If you have been reading this, and hopefully much more than this, than you are getting the picture, you are doing whatever you do for you. Are you pointing these things out to others? Are you doing something for someone else? Can be confusing, yes I know. You are all supposed to be returning to Self, Higher Self, Divine Self, yet you must become selfless and altruistic. Yes, that is confusing, but also it is not confusing at all. Get it?

Now I have given all of you my own interpretations of what I read and study and learn about. I also give you links to help you more, to springboard you on a path to seek greater knowledge for you, to help all of you help yourselves in this time. There is so much coming, many aren’t even conceiving of the gravity of these changes. 7 billion people plus now on this planet, 7 billion people plus. Not all of you are going to make it. This is no condemnation, not hatefulness, not a separation between us and them, this is simply a fact. You cannot argue this fact. Many people are undeveloped and helpless. Not their fault, just the nature of this incarnation at this time. Still I love them and you should too. Help as many as you can. Do your part. I am here to help you help yourself, yes, but what about you helping others help themselves now? What are you doing? Do you think you just wake up, become enlightened, and then it’s all a gravy train with biscuit wheels? Awakening entails a great and Divine responsibility. You learn to love yourself and God unconditionally, you forgive yourself unconditionally, then you give yourself over in Divine Service to Source. It is a feeling, no words I can use can describe the realness of the Divine Love from Source, it just is.

When you are breathing and living in the Infinite Love of Source, you radiate it to others. If you have reunited with your twin flame, the responsibility greater. Two become One to help all of you help yourself. Such is our role, that of my twin flame and I. She does what she does, I do what I do, but we are both in complete recognition of our Divine responsibility and are acting accordingly, giving and receiving Unconditional Love to each other, all of you, and to God. Whatever your case is, you will find that the ideals of kindness and joy become a necessity as you awaken more and more. Although very much more conscious of your feelings, you become unable to be negative. As mentioned earlier, you fall further and further into that observer role. You notice your anger or your jealousy and think on it rather than act on it. Quite liberating actually.

All comes with time and practice and devotion. Your time is running out. Do you want to be stuck here in this 3rd dimensional paradigm anymore? Is this going to be the lifetime where you re-awake to your Higher Self, when you ascend, or will you wait until the next time, or the time after that, or the time after that if there is one? Enough is enough for many of you, myself included. In no way am I qualified to determine when this Great Experiment, if that is what it truly is, will be over. I know nothing for sure. Does anyone? What I do know is that living in the Infinite and Divine and Unconditional Love from Source is the realest, most profound sensation of Being I have ever experienced. No high, no drugs, no artificial ecstasy will ever get you there, trust me. Once you wake up, it is as if you weren’t all you before, as if the real you was never truly there, only an illusion over an illusion. Get yourself right. Love yourself so you may love others. Forgive yourself so you can forgive all others. Embrace your Oneness with Source and everything. Such great things coming, such great things. Let go of this existence, do not be afraid, never be afraid. What is there ever to really be afraid of? Dying? You’ve already done it several times before, why keep worrying in this life? You have been here before, but if you are waking up or are awakened, this incarnation will be the last one in this dimension, so guess what… not going to experience death this time or again. Nice to know, comforting I’m sure for those with anxiety over their impending death. Wake up in time and you don’t have to do it again, but even if you do or I do or we do, what is there ever, ever, ever to really be afraid of? Nothing. You are a Divine Being. You are the Infinite Love of God, of Source. Embrace it. Believe. Breathe. Love to all.


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