Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Say it to yourself, think about the range of emotion behind this word. This word symbolizes that moment where you suck up your pride, suck up your contempt, take it all in, the inbreath. Hold, process, let the love penetrate and encompass. Then you let go of those angers and criticisms, let them out, the outbreath. Why hold a grudge? A grudge is a negative ideal, why succumb to that? An I’m sorry, a genuine apology, followed by a sincerely honest acknowledgement of acceptance, a re-embracing, and a return to unconditional love. True forgiveness. No clauses, no stipulations, no expectation, as unconditional as the love that allows total, complete, selfless forgiveness.

How many times have your apologies been real, but you haven’t felt forgiven? How many apologies have you received, but didn’t truly forgive? Maybe the person/s apologizing lacked sincerity, at least in your perception, maybe you just feel that some things are unforgivable, or forgivable in degrees? Think about how many times you have totally 110% forgiven someone with no after-contemptuousness. People throw around apologies like they throw around the word Love. Maybe that is where the overall lack of sincerity originates. People often are quick to say a menial sorry to avoid the continuance of a tedious circumstance, to get the recipient of the err to shut up and move on as it were. Do you do that? You all have, we all have, fucking of course we all have. That is how you have all been programmed, but do you still do it?

You are all in a special time here in this 3d existence on Earth, the most special time ever perhaps, at least in your version of ever. You are all returning, all of you, returning to your higher selves, your true selves, your light selves. All of this depression, these social disorders that pharmaceutical companies capitalize on, these are internal responses to rising vibrations and frequency. This is what none of you are told but the social media has made that information, the true information, privy to you all. We are connected to this planet, this planet is a living being, a living entity, we are synchronous with Mother Earth. Over the last few years, the Earth’s internal frequency has dramatically risen. As we are in sync, so to have our internal frequencies risen.

I believe the information says that this began in 1987. I could look it up but I am trusting my recollection. Now think about when people really began to make a profitable science of social and mental disorder. Late 80’s, early 90’s, then well into the 21st century; pharmaceutical companies record profiteering and a worldwide dependance on all sorts of prescription medication. In reality, only very few knew the significance of Earth frequency, Schumann resonance, in it’s relation to effects on the population. What ensued was false diagnosis, on a global scale. Artificial mediacation was created to alleviate problems that are not physical. How can a physical substance truly change a mental and/or spiritual disorder? Think people think.

Picture if we were all taught from a very young age, from the time we could talk, how to meditate. Imagine if we were all taught from as early as we can remember that we are all beings of light, connected as One, connected to Source through Unconditional Love. Think what it would be like if you knew from the time you started to rebegin to think in this incarnation, that you have a Higher self, a Higher Consciousness. Unfortunately, that is not a reality for nearly every one of us. Why? Why has it become that way? So in 1987, the vibrational frequency began to rise and people started feeling these symptoms. Fatigue, depression, give them a pill, then charge them money, then charge them more money for more pills and more treatment. You see how all that was unnecessary? If the powers that control you had been integritous, they may have gone toward more internal, natural solutions to address the mass recordings of social dysfunction worldwide. Instead, the pharmaceutical industry stepped in and said they have the answer. Give them this chemical, this physical creation, this artificiality, and their mental trauma will be healed. You have all ben tricked. You have all been deceived. You have all been lied to. They do not care about you, they care about money. That is all you were ever worth. Burn that dollar bill. You see the ash, that super-brittle crumble-to-nothing fine ash leftover? That is worth more than you to them. Think about it.

My oh my how did I get on that tangent? Needless to say, there is no manmade cure for your anxiety or your depression or your bipolarity, you hear that, BIPOLARITY, consumed in your own duality. Wake up. Meditate. You have all the power and more to heal yourself. Some over-thought-out mental disorder you think that you think you have, let it go. In the grand scheme it is so menial. You have so much more to do, yet you let what someone has told you is a lack of or too much of, come on now. Have you really let yourself go so far? You feel you cannot come back without your medication, your prozac, your antidepressant, antianxiety, antiever-know-yourself artificial crutch? wake up. Feel your power inside you. Stop letting your ego win. Still you let your ego win.

Maybe if you feel you are in some sort of trap, like you want to be better and you want to do better, but you feel so lost, so far-gone, how will you ever get back to being happy, much less to your Higher Self? Watch this now, pay attention, look how I brought this back around full-circle for you. Forgive yourself. Yes, forgive yourself. Instead of focusing and dwelling and worrying and allowing negativities to consume you, forgive yourself, let all that go. Remember earlier when I spoke of the sincerity of forgiveness. Can you be totally sincere when forgiving yourself? Can you totally commit to unconditionally loving yourself, every fiber of your being, without contempt, without the need to forgive conditionally? Not an easy thing to achieve is it but it is so very possible, so rewarding.

When you truly can unconditionally love and forgive yourself, you can share that with everything. All of your relationships, events you encounter, the inbreath and outbreath of Unconditional Love is all joyous, all forgiving, in and out, all the time. The enlightenment you will receive when you learn to forgive without contempt, there aren’t words. It is simply part of the Divinity of the Unconditional Love of All, One with Source. It is your true nature, your true essence, your true being. Time to re-awaken to your Higher Self, your All-Forgiving Self. Forgive yourself, truly, and forgive those around you, especially those you Love. Time speeds forward, faster and faster. Stop wasting it in contempt. Unconditional. Forgiveness. Love to all.



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