If you feel like you do not like what I am writing about then do not read any of this. I am just trying to help all of you but I do not recall forcing anyone to listen or read or pay attention to or follow any of this. I am working on me, you work on you. I am just illustrating observations. I don’t concern myself with construct criticism or hate, especially in this forum, therefore it is a waste of time. Time, time, time, ticking away, faster and faster. How can it still be taken for granted? Yet it is, all the time, ticking away, wasting away. I’m trying to love every moment of time still here, every moment. Sure it isn’t all that impressive, this 3d existence, but while you are here, why just watch the clock, waiting to die? What time is it? Time to wake up and see that time is almost up.

What is time? Yeah yeah yeah you can look it up and blah blah, but what is it to you? Do you hate it? Do you love it? Do you feel powerless to love or hate it? Time kind of keeps an order to it all doesn’t it? But as soon as you are born the clock starts to tick until you die. At least that is how it has been orchestrated here. It’s a good thing actually. Imagine if these people that control all of you could live without time. Oh wait they figured out how to do that, that’s why they still do it to all of you. You are all on their time, on their watch. You think that is your schedule, you are just scheduled on their schedule. Enough, enough, enough of this though.

Here is what time it is. It is time for all of you, all of us, to get back to nature, get back to our connection with this planet and all of the energy that connects us. Feel the sun on your face, feel the ground beneath you, look at the stars. Appreciate these little things because there is only so much time, time left here. No time in the 5th dimension, at least that is what they say, whoever they is. And even if you don’t ascend, you still think it’s okay to keep wasting time here, neglecting your connection with this world? That’s what love is, boundless, no constraints, especially to time. How long can you really say you have loved someone? Feels like forever, if you really really have ever loved someone.

Love will take you through this time, love will guide you through with ease. Believe in love, in the love in yourself. Go outside, meditate outside if you can. Feel the quiet embrace of nature. The Earth wants to love you, love her back. Where do you want to be when this time is up? You want to be a slave to a schedule that isn’t yours? You control you. Stop being a puppet. Schedules? In a few months there will be no more schedules, so why do you still worry? Many have been walking on the path of light, many more everyday. We are in the final months. The culmination is coming fast. Time to wake up. Wake up to the time to return to your higher self. That is what time it is. Time to go outside and let go of those schedules in your head. Time to smile, be happy, happy to be getting closer to Source. Feel the energy inside you, feel the love. Don’t let that schedule corrupt your precious time. Love to all.



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