140 days

Wow time is really speeding up isn’t? Torrential and ominous clouds covering up the sky day after day, accompanied by violent lightning storms. It all is feeling more and more different. Am I the only one noticing? No I am sure many others can feel it. Our poor Earth, so ancient, must be so over us by now. What will happen? Her resonance rising, the magnetic field weakening, approaching the zero point, what is it all coming to? So many still blind to the changes, lost in their own world of reality television and the olympics and all-you-can-eat buffets. What will it take? Does it matter? Should I attempt to be so noble as to help them all? What do I know? I am just some guy that puts words on an internet blog that no one reads. I could be doing all this from a cushy room in a mental hospital. Who the fuck am I to be listened to by anybody?

Do not listen, do not read, do not heed. I write this all to help myself make sense of everything going on around me. Sure I have good intentions, great intentions, I want to help everyone. You have to help yourself though. If nothing goes down, will you quit believing love is the answer? Maybe we should all just hate. Hate and hate, keep separating. Of course not. So no matter what you believe, what you think might happen, whatever you worship if it isn’t yourself, love always will triumph and lead you on. Love is light. You can see in the light. You can’t see in the dark, not without light. We are all beings of light. I have no way to prove this to anyone. I just feel it. You feel it, even if you don’t know it yet. We have all been misled for so long, but now we are all finding our way back home.

Meditation, meditation, meditation. Do it every day, anytime, you can do it in a few minutes if you are that hurried. Learn your higher self in your inner body. At first your mind scatters, you are just learning to quiet loose thought, singling it down to one wave, one line. This takes practice. Be patient, do not waver. Believe in you, believe in your higher self. Then it will come. You will feel the energy, you will feel it move through your chakras, you will feel the sense associated with each chakra as the kundalini energy moves up, sometimes down depending on your method of practice. You will be consumed in a feeling. The game of thought quiets as the ego subsides into the void, freeing your mind of unwanted distraction. Feel, breathe, this is your power, your energy. You are all so much stronger than you know. We are all in for some amazing revelations. The true nature of our being is more than we have ever imagined. There is nothing to fear, there never has been been. Trust in the love that unites us all as one with each other and one with Source.

Those who still are determined to control you all will not be going to a place of unconditional love. They will remain here in this 3rd dimensional paradigm quibbling over the scraps of a failed new world agenda. Do you want to stay with them? Do you want to remain enslaved to a system designed to keep you indebted for life? They know the time is at hand. Do you think they are going to quit? Just because everyone should be getting rid of television doesn’t mean they are. All of you that watch tv every day, watch the news, subconsciously watch the same commercials so much you sing them when they come on, all of you still being brainwashed. Get rid of the damn cable already, turn off your tv. If you are going to watch anything on a tv screen, read real information. Make yourself smarter, gain intelligence, figure out for yourself what is real and what is not. Wake up. They are going to do everything they can to win or to take as many of you down with them as they can. This is serious, most serious thing ever conceived, but you all do what you do. I just write this for myself remember? You all would rather follow the herd, going right over the edge, than listen to the growing group of us trying to help you help yourself. 140 days to go. Things are really going to pick up these upcoming months. You will all see but I am not scaring you, no no, do not fear. Great and wonderful changes coming for all of us. All depends on perspective doesn’t it? I get happier everyday, more and more love, looking forward to what each new day brings. They are gonna try to scare you, manipulate you, distract you, do not let them. Believe in what you see and what you know and what you feel. Just here to help though. Be good today. Love to all.



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