They say 148 days left…

Love to all. What a great time to be alive, well for some of us. Me, I am always happy. Each new day is greater than the previous. For me it’s another day of growth and enlightenment, another day closer to going home. Home to the Source. Free from the confines and this 3rd dimensional existence. Whether or not it actually happens precisely on December 21st means nothing to me. What will happen will happen when it happens. That is why each moment here and now, while I am still in this dimension, is precious. I simply enjoy life here for what it is, love it all for what it truly is. We are here to learn, to observe, to discover, to encompass, and be present in every beautiful moment. Take it all in and breathe it all out. Feel the love from the universe and embrace it. Savor just being. This old age, this manufactured reality, is ending very soon as wishfully we all move to a higher dimension. I say wishfully because although I want us all to go together, we will not, but I will try to help as many of you as I can to awaken to your higher selves, to be ready, to level up before it is too late. Go ahead and google ascension or awakening if you still are clueless to these great events unfolding inside you and around you. Use your search engine. You need to be genuinely informed. You have to start somewhere. Get started now. The time is now. Prepare. Find yourself, find the real truth, find your inner you, your true power. Now, right now, not tomorrow, now. Even the time of time is running out. Yes that’s right. Time is speeding up as it’s running out. We are well passed that 11th hour. Most of you are still resisting, fighting, hiding, asleep, and you don’t even know it. Wake up. Wake up now.

As I ponder today’s energies, I think to myself, “If dodging negativity were a sport….,” but I digress. My oh my oh my what the world mass media has come to. Will this cruel trick on you ever end? You are all fools. Yes, here it comes, they have fooled you all. They still fool you because all you do is watch foolish fools doing foolish things. Your time has become foolish because you sit there day after day like fools, watching fools. Big cycle of foolery. It’s not a joke. Do you like being a mindless fool? Do you like when I point out how foolishly foolish you all are? Why continue to be a fool? Can you not face the realization that you are a fool, or you have been foolish? It’s not too late. Can you forgive yourself or learn to forgive yourself? It is not your fault. Well, not entirely, but you can change. You can progress instead of continuing to digress. Television is evil. Get rid of yours, turn it off if, look away, disconnect if you haven’t already. The media is the greatest control mechanism here and you all are programmed by it. Slaves to a little box that tells you what to do, what to think, who you are. Disappear that bullshit already. Your enslavement to this demonic device is over. Think for you. They have brainwashed you, all of you, to thinking what you see and hear is valid. Scripted reality? Wake up fools. Stop being directed. Open your eyes and realize you are the director. Direct your direction.  Assume your own responsibility.

Even though I have no tv, hate tv, despise tv,  I still see news when I go online. I clicked on my homepage earlier, my yahoo homepage, and there’s this news. What is this world news going on? It’s always there no matter where you look, same few stories, wherever and whenever you look, same bullshit. They put it everywhere, every homepage. “This is what’s important in the world today, this is what you should think about today”, stick it everywhere, everywhere you look. You cannot look away. Can’t you see that they are really keeping you blind though, keeping you distracted, keeping you limited to certain disinformation. Fear-driven, negative nonsense they define as information, a few stories worth, repeatedly updated and rehashed until a new story replaces it. What are you being informed of? How to hate and be angry? How effective murder and treachery is? Is that what you are being informed about? Are there ever any positive stories anymore? War this, Syria has chemical weapons that, conflict, anger, war, violence. Colorado shooter this, Batman that, conflict, anger, violence, paranoia.  Pot stores in LA getting closed this, patients gonna be out of luck that, conflict, fear, distraction. Some celebrity did this, someone famous did that, useless knowledge, ego-based imagery, distraction. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on. You watch it with interest, you watch this controlled little group of stories, you can’t wait for the update, you can’t wait to see what the jury deliberates, or how many people got killed by a bombing, or what some celebrity will be having for lunch today. Is that what you care about? What do you really care about? Do you care?

You, you, you, you, you,… but I am not blaming you if that’s what you are thinking. Noting and bringing awareness to the lack of personal responsibility is in no way a blame game. I don’t play games. No time for that. I’m pointing out the facts that you miss, even though it’s right in front of your face. That big, flat screen, right in front of your face, and you can’t see the truth. The controllers that mastermind all this are clever, so clever, and that’s why I am here, to remove that veil of illusion, to help you help you. I just illustrate the observation. You will hear me say that often, just illustrating observations, so you question and make determinations for yourself, not based on what others tell you is real or truth. Is no one doing anything good and/or positive that is newsworthy? When was the last time you saw a headlined news story about something enlightening that happened? Such a ridiculously cruel, sadistic game they play on you. A handful of negative stories they recycle and update, over and over. 7 billion people in the world and 5 negative things are going on for news. Where is all the other information? Is there really only time to narrow it down to 5 stories that repeat updates every 30 minutes? Think about it. It’s a formula, a recipe for total control over you. Now do you care? Do you want to tell yourself that you care? What are you going to do about it? Change the channel? The trick is on you. How long will you let them beat you? Come on now you need to wise up already people. Get rid of your tv. Reset your homepage on your computer. When you see these stories…, no one has to, but if you notice them, pay attention to what lies beneath. Sometimes seeing in the dark helps you find the light. They want you to be controlled, passive, weak, blind with your eyes wide open. Don’t let them enslave and ensnare you any longer. How do those chains feel that bind you down? How does it feel to be lower? That is not how it was intended or how it has to be.

How can you trust me, you don’t even know me? You can’t trust me and you do not know a thing about me. And? Do you know anything about the people that keep you down? Do you know the identities of your masters? They claim to be helping you too, don’t they? Who can you really trust besides you? Can you even trust you now? This is my introduction, our beginning, the start. You just know I am some person saying shit that may or may not make sense to you. In time you may grasp a fragment of who and what I am. That’s not important. Don’t worry about me, worry about you. I know a lot about all of you. Learning more and more every day. I know what they have done to all of you, the collective you, the masses, masses of asses, being constantly commanded around. “This is who you are and this is what you are supposed to be.” That’s what the media really tells you. You don’t even know who you really are anymore, do you? Why do you want to be herded like animals? Told to go graze in this or that pasture, eat this grass or that, drink from this or that trough, distracted with distractions until you’re dead. When did you let yourselves become sheep? Evolve. Evolve now, right now. Help you help yourself. You own the damn farm, it is yours, so why would you run around grazing with the animals? . I was like you, I still am, we are all One, but some of us, most of us, still want to stay behind, lowered in that blissful ignorance, just like a grazing animal, waiting to be slaughtered. Feels good not to think too much doesn’t it? Peaceful to just parade around worrying about what you are going to consume, oblivious to the fact that you yourself  are being consumed. You are content just grazing, you and the other sheep. Just what they want and they have done a good job haven’t they? Making sheep of the shepherds. They have done this to you and you accept it. Accept it with a smile. Are you as dumb as an animal? Got to get over that. Realize who you are. You are a powerful being, you are your own god of your farm. You are what matters. Believe in you, awaken to you, and stop wasting the last moments of time you have left. You want to move up, forward, not down and backward. Why do you want to stay weak? Why do you want to be controlled, directed, herded? You think you don’t want these things but you do, you have been made to think you need them. Stop living for them, stop basing your existence on what they tell you is ideal. They don’t care about you. You mean nothing to them. Care about you, worry about you and take your power back. The time is now.

I need to tell you all something. I’ll say all this once, right now, right at the beginning of this project or whatever this is so you all are aware. Believe what you want, think what you want, feel what you want. That is your right as a child of Source and an individual being of light. I am not trying to preach, persuade, or push any of you. What I do is what I do, what you do is what you do. You can hate me, disagree, call me names, call me crazy, whatever you want thats’s on you. You are you. I am not trying to be mean, be harsh, I do not approach anything with fear or judgement. Don’t misunderstand my directness as anything other than what it is, being very direct. We have no time for games. Would you rather me play a game, mislead you? You are used to it. No, fuck that, I stay true because for me that is the only way. Everything I say to you is the blunt honest truth and it is real.  I just listen to what the universe tells me and funnel it to you. I detail the message, I illustrate the observation, so you all can better understand what I am saying. This is my purpose, my mission. I am a guided guide, a microphone, with a message that is for everyone, whether you all care to acknowledge it or not. You have your reason, your purpose, this is mine. You don’t have to listen. I’m not forcing you. Like I said, I’m just like a guidebook. I didn’t write the book, I just have access to the information in that book and I am reading that book to you and for you to help you. You have to want to help yourself though, that is not up to me, it is up to you. It is your responsibility to take care of you. I am simply here to help. You are the master of your world. Don’t be the slave anymore. You answer to no one except yourself. Until tomorrow everyone, love to all.



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