The initial emotion one feels when they realized they have been lied to is anger. Now imagine that emotion if you realized you had been lied to your whole life, and that the ones who have been deceiving you are the ones who you inherently have been persuaded to trust and rely on from birth. Is anger a strong enough word? Maybe anger is the wrong approach. Can there exist a positive antithesis to that initial feeling of anger which would help remedy the situation to an equal or greater value? Love. The answer. Easy to say, but that amount of love is unprecedented in our brief history. Do you realize the spiritual impact of what is coming? We must fully believe it, know it, live it to be possible. So who’s in? Not a real question because the answer is, “We are all in.” This is the greatest time we will ever have, an event of unforeseeable magnitude, such is our current state on this planet, right at this moment, this very second, right now. It is no theory, it is no exaggeration, it is really real and it is now. This great realization, across the globe, is unfolding more and more, day by day. This great realization is that we, the masses, the majority, have been systematically deceived and manipulated about our entire way of existence. This grand deception has been developed and orchestrated covertly, yet right in front of our re-opening eyes, for centuries and has evolved into this monstrosity of a machine. Who could conceive of such an abysmal travesty? This machine, this mighty mechanism, is maintained by an elite few, and by few I mean 1% of the world population, conjoined with a highly organized network composed of regimented branches of authority directly under the full command of the elite, dispersed out like a web in order to maintain the supreme function of this beast. That function is simple: control. Control over everything, what you see, what you are and aren’t allowed to do, what you think, how you feel, who you are, total and absolute control. That is their agenda, their mission. They are called Illuminati.

Until recently, most of us have been living our lives basically in the dark. There is a snugness in the bliss of ignorance. Sure we may have at times pondered the idea that things aren’t as they seem and/or that the noble and benevolent portrayal of our leaders and caregivers since we were young wasn’t always true but they have enabled us to grow content in the fact that we don’t have to think so much. Think about that for a second. As long as you need to have and/or already have the big tv, the car with an ipod jack, the steady job with weekends off, the nice place to live with stainless steel appliances, why question the nature of such acquisitions? Why think passed any of that? Pretend you are totally happy or that you will be happy when you get those things and life can’t be much better. The elite are well aware of this concept and have done quite a good job of maximizing and maintaining that false sense of security because they know that is what they need for their system to operate. They need mindless, subservient, productive drones who unknowingly think that what they do makes them happier, while the whole time all they are doing is benefitting the small minority at the top. They need slaves who not only do not know they are enslaved, but have been tricked to think they are living and/or trying to live happy lives. Yes, they have succeeded greatly with their great plan, until now.

It had even come to a point where the consensus was to demonize those who question too much. We are still trying to break loose of that construct, but the tide is surely shifting as worldwide enlightenment grows. When before it was an if, now it is a now. Dare we look further and risk being called paranoid conspiracy theorists, new age wannabe idealists, or just plain crazy, nuts, or maybe even as far as terms like socialist, or communist, or marxist? Absolutely, yes. Most certainly we are boldly daring, without the burden of being consumed in such outdated definitions even though they still they echo volumes. We are all assistants to the big change. Development through learning, human progress, doesn’t anyone remember? Does it not feel like it might be a good time to let go of old definitions and redefine things according to the current and progressive modes of thought? How about we just are told the entire truth and maybe have faith that as a whole we can come together to work it all out? What do you call us/those who are just non-judgmentally seeking genuine truth in order to make a determination that benefits all of us together? Why are we such a threat?

Everyone is aware of this crumbling higher order, this Illuminati, even if they aren’t ready to accept it or believe it, they are aware. Their existence has been exposed and their just downfall is imminent. That process is literally occurring right now which is why I am recording this moment in time. Things are going to be changing, very swiftly I feel. The gravity of which this group will take to their impending demise is unknown. One would think that they won’t take it too lightly and will be somewhat of a nasty serpent to slay so to speak. All this is part of a greater plan for us all, the one unified humanity. Despite the polarization of our society we are all still one, and one with Source. and now things are changing. This change, this awakening to the real reality is happening to us all. The veil is lifted, truth is being told. We are the majority, we have a great power, we have the ability, together, to crumble this facade that has been so craftily constructed by this little greedy band of liars and thieves that call themselves leaders and have been working in shadows for so long. No more protection in the darkness, no more covert agendas behind the scenes. The great light of truth shines bright on us all now. This obscene ruse is over.

Seems like such a great amount of time wasted at the behest of forces outside our control, serving to benefit their own will, not our own. How dare they right? Who are they? When did they assume a higher level than anyone? Why is there even a higher level? Are we not supposedly entirely based on a system where stratification is not the right way? Can you really look at our society and not plainly discern that we all exist in a class system? Freedom occurs conditionally at various levels of the communal pyramid. Higher you are, the more freedom you have, but here is the tragedy of it all; only the very top of the structure has total freedom. Only the very top level has no one to answer to. This very top level is the aforementioned elite, the Illuminati, the greatest deceivers we have ever known. The freedom you think exists serves to provide you with some material outlets, designed only to distract you from your own bondage to a higher level of the pyramid. The system is so elaborate that you in many ways encourage your own bondage. You consume and consume and consume unaware of the cycle you’ve grown an instinct for. Your consumption feeds the power of the higher level and you think your consumption brings you happiness, and that is exactly how the higher-ups have designed it. They have preoccupied us all through materialism which hinders from becoming more aware of our own inner strength. They keep us focused on unimportant things so we do not have time to think for ourselves and find our own power within. Signs, billboards, commercials, trends, what’s hot, what’s not, all to serve the purpose of keeping us all from thinking too much about what is really important.What do you think advertising is? I have no favor toward my own intelligence nor do I in any way doubt the strength of yours, I am just attempting to define all of this as straight-forward and simply as possible. Everyone needs to wake up and become aware. The time is here and now. Love to all.





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